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Frequently Asked Questions


1) What are the prerequisites for a student to participate in the UFT exchange?

  • To participate in the UFT exchange selection process the student must meet the following prerequisites:
  • Have achieved a general average of 70 or higher in the subjects attended by the time of enrollment;
  • Be regularly enrolled in some undergraduate degree at the University;
  • Have intermediate or advanced level of the language in which classes will be taught;
  • Be able to afford the current expenses involved in the program;
  • Follow the instructions provided for in the notice published by the International Relations Coordination - RELINTER.

2) What are the stages of the selection process for an academic exchange through UFT?

  • After the announcement, the registration for the selection process is open, which takes place in two stages:
  1. Document analysis:In this stage, the International Relations Coordination - RELINTER verifies that the applicant has submitted all the required documentation and if it meets all the criteria set out in the notice. This step is eliminatory, so read the notice carefully and check your documentation before you sign up.
  2. Foreign Language Proficiency Assessment:With the exception of students who wish to apply only for vacancies in Portugal, all applicants must meet the proficiency level required by the university to which they are applying (check in the notice for the required level by each university).

3) With which countries and universities does UFT maintain academic agreements?



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