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Documents And Guidelines

Instructions for Consolidation Protocol of Intent

The process related to the conclusion of Agreements, Cooperation Agreements or similar Instruments will start upon proposal of the unit, proposer / interested, and should be regularly instructed.

For the Rector's signature, the proposing unit will provide:

  1. To analyze the text proposed in our Protocol of Intent, in the relevant language;
  2. Justification prepared by the interested party (s), linked to UFT, regarding the institutional interest / reason for concluding the agreement;
  3. Letter, with said request, by the interested party (s), linked to the UFT, addressed to the Relinter / UFT Coordinator, through the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
  4. The Protocol of Intent duly signed and completed in accordance with the template provided by Relinter / UFT;
  5. The completion by the International Institution of the form made available to provide the required information;
  6. Declaration of Signatory Authority: The International Institution must provide the completion and signature of the Signatory Authority of its institution, in Portuguese and also in one of the languages ​​available on our website (English, French or Spanish), as provided below.
  7. Ordinance appoints the Rector of the international institution as its legal representative.
  8. Term of Liability duly signed by the UFT representative, who will accompany the Agreement during its term. The Coordinator / Representative shall be a UFT server;
  9. Analysis and Opinion of RELINTER / UFT, after sending the above related documents;
  10. In case of a favorable opinion from Relinter / UFT, the opening of the process begins and the appropriate referral to the other sectors according to the Flowchart.


We also provide a Checklist, in Spanish and English versions, for a better understanding of the International Cooperation formalization process.


Access our Internationalization Flowchart.


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