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Concentration Areas

Linguistic Studies

The concentration area​​ in Linguistic Studies aims to research language phenomena in linguistic analysis, applied linguistics, signed languages and discourse analysis. The area investigates linguistic phenomena based contemporary methods and approaches, as well as discusses the theoretical and epistemological assumptions in order to contribute to the development of the research in this domain. It focuses on issues of linguistic analysis, description of the linguistic system and the study of languages ​​within the Brazilian Amazon region. It fosters the studies in Brazilian Sign Language and deaf education, both linguistic analysis and linguistic education. The area also addresses issues of applied linguistics, especially topics regarding language in use, language teacher’s education, language policies and issues regarding language teaching. It also focuses on the theories of text and discourse and their relationship to history.

In this sense, this ​​concentration area enhances the development of both theoretical and methodological approaches of linguistic analysis and applied linguistic in a wide range of research in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Text and Discourse, as well as Brazilian Sign Language. Furthermore, it focuses on researches indigenous languages and their cultures, as well as Foreign Languages.


Literary Studies

The ​​concentration area in Literary Studies aims to research literary issues, imbued with contemporary critical and theoretical assumptions. It also addresses literary and critical theories, as well as the interdisciplinary approach to discuss theoretical, methodological and critical debates in literary studies. Furthermore, it contributes to the development of research in Tocantins and Northern authors, once many of them have not been researched so far, establishing dialogues with the Brazilian literary canon, in order to strengthen and enhance regional literature. This ​​concentration area, therefore, encompasses several aspects and issues of the literary studies, which contribute to the innovation of research in literature.

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