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The Graduate Program in Letters of Federal University of Tocantins, at Porto Nacional, aims to qualify students graduated from the Letters Course, as well as professionals from other areas. The Program focuses on the need to the cultural, educational and scientific development in Brazilian Northern region. Moreover, the Program enables students to develop innovative and creative solutions to the problems they may face regarding social and cultural issues through research in linguistics and literature. It also aims to provide students with both theoretical and applied knowledge in the areas of literature, linguistics, applied linguistics, Brazilian sign language (Libras) and discourse analysis.

One of the factors of relevance and impact of the Graduate Program in Letters for the region and for the area of ​​Linguistics and Literature is its design with two concentration areas and six lines of research: a concentration area in Linguistic Studies, which encompasses the following lines of research: LR1 – Approaches for Linguistic Analysis, LR2 – Applied Linguistics, LR3 – Text, Discourse and History and LR4 – Brazilian Sign Language; a concentration area​​ in Literary Studies, which encompasses the lines of research LR5 – Literature, History and Imaginary, as well as LR6 – Theory, Criticism and Comparative Studies. Thus, the Graduate Program in Letters provides a broad scope of research projects regarding various linguistic and literary phenomena.

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