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The Graduate Program in Letters offers the Master’s Degree in Letters, with both concentration areas in Linguistic and Literary Studies which aim at:

  1. Developing research in the areas of Linguistics and Literature, enabling the development of research in the state of Tocantins and in the Northern region of Brazil;
  2. Encouraging innovation of knowledge in linguistic, literary and cultural phenomena, focusing on local, regional, national and global issues;
  3. Developing research and graduate teaching, imbued with critical and reflexive approaches;
  4. Expanding, within the scope of the Legal Amazon, the quantitative of trained professionals in order to optimize qualitatively and quantitatively both teaching and research activities in this region;
  5. Integrating undergraduate and graduate students in events, lectures, workshops, master dissertations committees, as well as encouraging them to participate in research and scientific projects in order to prepare them for research in the areas focused by the program.
  6. Establishing cooperation with other national and international universities and research institutions for the development of research in the field of linguistic, literary and cultural studies, seeking to solve local, regional, national and global problems through development of new theoretical and methodological perspectives for language and literature teaching.
  7. Exchanging researches with other graduate programs in Brazil and in foreign universities, in order to foster the qualification of professionals and institutions located outside the major teaching and research centers;
  8. Strengthening and broadening the program’s research groups and lines of research, solving regional problems and expanding the institutional potential with the development of research in Brazilian Northern Region.
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