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The Program has invested in the internationalization process since its creation, even before the approval of the Doctorate.

Currently, the Program has several international umbrella agreements with projects supported by CNPq and CAPES. Among which we highlight the umbrela agreement with the University of Amsterdam, The Netherland, which was initially funded by the CAPES / NUFFIC - UFV / UvA / UFT - International Cooperation project approved in the Call DRI / CGCI (CAPES / NUFFIC) No. 006/2009. Several students in the Programme have already concluded their dissertations and theses under this agreement. Currently Prof. Dr. Arne Janssen from the University of Amsterdam is the representative of that university to the program and annually conducts teaching and research missions at the Programme. Visite


Another important international umbrela agreement of the Programme has started in 2013 with the University of Aveiro, Portugal, and was initially supported by two projects approved in the Calls - PVE-CAPES- MEC / MCTI / CAPES / CNPq / FAPs No. 71/2013 and No. 09/2014. Several students from the Programme have already completed their PhD sandwich at the University of Aveiro and students from the University of Aveiro have completed their PhD sandwich at the Programme, having their theses carried out under the co-supervision of professors from the University of Aveiro and Programme, respectively. The representative of the University of Aveiro at the PPG-PV is the full professor Amadeu M.V.M. Soares, who subsequent became a special permanent professor at the Programme. Visite

The Post-Graduation Program also aims to strengthen a new institutional collaboration with the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, through an active collaboration with Carlos Gravato (Assistant Professor of the Department of Animal Biology and team leader of the group HuEL – Humans and Environment) shown with publication of several articles in recent years. Moreover, Carlos Gravato will host and co-supervise Post-Graduation students form the Program in Portugal. The exchange of technical skills between Brazil/Portugal will be achieve through the organization of Advanced Courses in Brazil aiming to develop the use of biochemical and molecular tools by Brazilian researchers. (



Recently, the Program approved a project in the National Program for Academic Cooperation in the Amazon n. 21/2018. This project is in force and among the several scientific exchange actions expected for this project, we highlight the sandwich doctorate scholarships abroad and visiting professor abroad. Over the next 05 years, several students and professors of the Program will carry out scientific exchange in international institutions with scholarships financed by this project.

In the first year of execution of the project PROCAD AMAZÔNIA, the PhD student Poliana Silvestre Pereira, started on September 16, 2019, her PhD sandwich period at the Department of Entomology of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska - Lincoln-USA, where she stayed for a period of 1 year. The University of Nebraska in Lincoln-USA is an educational institution with an international structure and covers nine colleges. The Entomology Department of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources has several laboratories, including the Entomology of Agroecosystems laboratory, which is coordinated by Professor Dra. Julie A. Peterson. In this laboratory, research is carried out that addresses the ecology and management of agricultural pests, with an emphasis on practical applications for integrated pest management in commercial crops. While in the United States, Poliana developed works related to the seasonal and geographical distribution of pests due to climate change. The development of this work includes modeling, which is a technique capable of indicating the places of occurrence of pests, generating distribution maps under different scenarios such as climate change. Visite.



In addition to Poliana, we expect other PhD students to join international exchanges in the coming years, not only to the United States, but also to countries in Europe and Oceania, which we already have agreements signed through the PROCAD AMAZÔNIA Project. (Faculty of Sciences of University of Lisbon, through Prof. Carlos Gravato, University of Adelaide through researcher Dr. Katja Hogendoorn, DOKKYO MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, Department of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology, through researcher Dr. Marcello Otake Sato, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, through researcher Dr. Robert Koch, etc.).

With the international experience deepened in graduate studies and the consequent production of knowledge and training of human resources at an international level, we aim to enter a standard where borders do not exist, with only academic excellence prevailing. Thus, it is expected as a result of the increase in the proposed initiatives, to consolidate international teaching and student mobility in both directions, contributing decisively and positively to the consolidation of an international academic environment and consequently to the quality of our program and the excellence of resources trained humans.


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